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Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Production - The Emergence of Online Videos :

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With connection download speeds as fast as 8mbps available to the average consumer, the use of online promotional video production is expanding rapidly. With promotional video production, businesses now have more creative flexibility than ever before when it comes to online marketing of products and services. They also have more options when it comes to providing online corporate training videos and demonstrations. Promotional video production, when combined with internet technology, is allowing businesses to not only market more effectively to the constantly-growing population of internet users, but more efficiently as well, saving valuable dollars.

The Benefits of Promotional Online Videos:

The promotional video production of online videos provides businesses with a wide range of benefits such as:

  • More Personalized Advertising
  • Enhanced Demonstration Capabilities
  • Advanced Site Functionality
  • Cost Efficient Marketing
  • Improved Customer Service

A promotional video production from one of your sales or customer service representatives can give your website the personal touch it needs to set it apart from the competition and potentially generate valuable leads. Online corporate promotional videos can also serve as excellent training and demonstration content to bring the employees within companies up to speed within minutes instead of having to arrange a costly, time consuming, and often inconvenient meeting.

Things to Know:

Even with some consumers operating on 8mbps connections, a vast majority of them operate at slower speeds, and some still use dialup, so it's important to remember to use bandwidth efficiently. When considering promotional video production for your web site, remember that it's crucial to crunch the file size of the video down as small as possible before putting it online so as to ease the strain on the customer's bandwidth when the online video is being downloaded. For this reason, video formats such as Quicktime's .mov, Windows' .wmv, and the more recent Flash video format, .flv have become popular formats for online videos of all types. The desired size, length, and quality of the promotional video production being created all have an impact on which file format, as well as which compression method, should be used to achieve optimum results.

At Apps Communications, we have years of experience with promotional video production and can help your business create online video solutions from the idea stage all the way to choosing which type of compression and file format to use for publication. Apps Communications has even done the video work for Dealer Apex - a company dedicated to implementing digital marketing strategies for car dealerships looking to dramatically increase sales, profits, and efficiency.

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